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It's been awhile since I posted anything. Not for lack of care, nor that I have been busy with other things... I guess I just keep thinking this world is going to right itself soon, so I keep waiting for that to happen. In May we lost a very important Board member, Hal Conklin, who died of brain cancer. Trying to sum up a lifetime in a short blog is imposssible, but I will say I was blessed to know him and his family so well. He was at one point on 20 or so Boards, and was such a giving person to his community and the world. His license plate said "DEMCRCY" and he was a firm suporter in people joining together to make change happen. At the same time we lost the services of Bill Cirone, former Superintendent of Schools in Santa Barbara who helped give credibility to our organization when we first started. I am forever grateful to these two men of service, for the example they gave to me in leadership and for their support through the last ten years. Turn the Page Uganda h

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