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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I find that absolutely true on my vacations and especially on my journeys to Africa. In fact, so many times I will find myself thinking, oh- you missed a good shot there, Vicky. Images tell a story and help us to picture the real deal. Take my visit to the Buindi Impenetrable Forest to see gorillas living in the wild. What do you see in this image?  I felt the curiosity of that baby gorilla as he or she peered through the leaves to see who these visitors to their forest were. I saw a timid creature, waiting for an okay from parents to know things were safe. The same can be said about the following image. In many schools across Northern Uganda outside of Lira, I was the first white person some of these children had ever seen. Some ran away in fear. Others pointed and laughed. I began to feel a bit like the mustached lady in the circus... a bit of a freak of nature.  As we talked and the kids began to see respect from their teachers and no si

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