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       Persistence  Persistence is a way of life. Think about how many times you have had to stick to something to learn how to do it well. Cooking a great burger on the BBQ without burning it or having it come out raw, figuring out how to link up a new TV, or interviewing for the perfect job. Persistence is doing the hard work without giving up. Trying and trying over and over to make things work.  We've had to use persistence at Turn the Page Uganda so much in the last few years. Covid made gathering together difficult for fundraising. We met over zoom and continued on. It sent school children and teachers home to try to learn another way (over internet in the U.S. and by radio in Uganda). Once schools finally opened in Uganda, Ebola broke out and once again they were shuttered. Once Ebola was conquered, schools were able to start up again, but riots broke out in Nigeria, and deliveries of textbooks to the bookstore we use in Kampala were delayed. Despite all of these interruptio

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