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How to have fun and make a difference a half a world away!

What could be better than a day at the beach?  Up until last weekend, Santa Barbara had been experiencing more than normal rainfall, and don't get me wrong... we were thrilled to get every drop! Our seven year drought had finally been declared over and the hillsides that had been golden brown for so long were lush with new spring growth in shades of verdant green. And so it was with anticipation that I arrived at East Beach, Sunday March 24th, hoping the weather would cooperate for the 2019 East Beach Volleyball Tournament. And cooperate it did! What an absolutely beautiful day to watch players go head to head, all for a good cause! With boats anchored offshore, and crowds of very athletic men and women gathered around, the competition began in earnest. There were multiple rounds and as each team concluded their three game set, they were paired up against the winners of the next court. The competitive spirit made it apparent than no one was going to give up easily! Remarkable sa…

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