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2018 Rising Above Loss

It's strange how a new year arrives and we all hold hope for the wonderful things to come and are so relieved to put the past year behind us. This happens to me every year and I am always optimistic that the fresh new opportunities are out there, just waiting to present their glorious possibilities. So it was this year as we drew 2017 to a close, ever mindful of the dreaded Thomas Fire burning in southern California. What we didn't realize at the time, was this fire would change our community in ways we never anticipated. Once the mountains were denuded of vegetation, the following rainstorm brought tons of boulders cascading down the hillside killing 23 people in the middle of the night, destroying homes, and leaving a community reeling in despair. Multiple evacuations occurred for the residents, retirement communities, and schools over the next few months. It has been a time to be thankful for the love and kindness of strangers and first responders, to…

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