Wednesday, October 8, 2014


     Hot Indian summer weather has blanketed Southern California in recent weeks... so hot that we find ourselves seeking the ocean, air-conditioned buildings, fans, anything for relief. It has brought back memories of equally hot days in Northern Uganda, where shade is the only relief for hot weather- unless you can find an Alvaro Pear Soda in a hotel refrigerator! Most people in Uganda don't have access to refrigerators.
     In the North, many schools have been created in buildings that were formerly "IDP" camps (set up to house internally displaced persons fleeing from the Lord's Resistance Army). They are spartan, without glass in the windows, or doors in the door frames. Some are lucky enough to have a few benches that students will crowd onto. Teachers often have class sizes that range from 60-100 students. Children either walk to school, or are driven on a boda-boda (small motorcycle). Sometimes we see entire families riding one boda-boda! Children, always dressed in uniforms, are excited to come to school.
     We sometimes pass children out in the fields, caring for animals and not allowed by their families to attend school. School costs money, and their small hands are needed for everyday survival of the family. For the lucky ones, they do get to go to school, and learn enough that their lives will be an improvement compared to that of their parents.
     Turn the Page Uganda is trying to make a difference in the lives of these lucky students. We donate $500.00 worth of textbooks to the needy schools, textbooks chosen by the teachers in the schools, so that they will have a vested interest in using the books. The books come from a bookstore in Kampala, and are the best books available that support the National curriculum. Once the schools receive the new books, they can design their lessons to help students succeed and pass onto the next grade level. Unlike America, students must pass a test to be promoted to the next grade level. Without the textbooks, it is extremely difficult to cover the necessary material. We are excited to be helping the next generation of Ugandan children, and we hope you will consider helping us help them!

Use Amazon Smile whenever you order on-line. This way a portion of your normal purchases will be diverted to TTPU at no extra cost:-)

Spread our message to your friends.

Consider making a donation.

We all can make a difference in the lives of others.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

California Pizza Kitchen Helps out Turn the Page Uganda!

Lira Integrated Senior High Students Chat About Their New School Textbooks!

Kids are out of school here in the U.S.A., sleeping in, going to camps, and having fun with friends:-)
Teachers have a chance to catch up on everything they have put off for the last year!
Turn the Page Uganda has a chance to reflect on the past successes, and move forward to help more students and teachers in Northern regions of Uganda receive much needed textbooks. 

With your help, we have assisted 55 schools in remote regions of Northern Uganda. 
Another 20 schools are on our current wait list (and the list grows weekly as more schools hear of Americas desire to help foster education in underserved areas).

However, we NEED YOUR HELP to raise funds to supply these under-priviledged schools on our waiting list. Thanks to the generosity of California Pizza Kitchen, we will be holding a "Turn the Page" day on July 16 in Santa Barbara. 

Just take a copy of this coupon, and California Pizza Kitchen will donate 20% of their sales to our organization. You can also order for your company (take out not delivery) and they will honor the coupon. You get great food, and kids get great books! What an awesome way to celebrate summer and help at the same time! Thank YOU for making a difference in the lives of those who really need our help.