Thursday, August 6, 2015

     Vicky spent a month visiting schools all across Northern Uganda and riding along hot dusty roads to see how schools were utilizing the textbooks they had received from Turn the Page Uganda. A thousand or more miles, and many more handshakes later, she has returned to the U.S. and is eager to find more donations to help the schools yet to receive assistance. Now that there has been peace in the land, families are more able to make a meager living farming, selling crops in the marketplace, and even some small businesses have popped up. It is still startling to see the shear number of children in Uganda... some 20,000,000 children under age 18 with a fourth of them working daily.  Life expectancy is now around 58 years old compared to 47 in 1990. Although a Primary education is the goal for the entire country, some 20% of the children in the rural areas do not even attend school, and of the 80% that do go to school, some will drop out before 7th grade. Having money for school fees such as a uniform, or notebooks or pencils is out of reach for many families. Early marriages contribute to students dropping out (yes- 7th graders getting married). Health challenges are a constant threat: Malaria, HIV, AIDS, Cholera, and malnutrition.
    Education is the key to combating all of these issues. Foundational to education is a set of textbooks for teachers and students. We need your help to assist these students and teachers in need. A simple donation will affect an entire community. Thank you for your support!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

                                                        HAND MADE GRAVEL

Happy Mother's Day... to all the hard working Moms out there- the ones who faithfully cook, clean, and support their families so that their children can have a good future. As children, we often take our mothers for granted. After all, they are always there to help us and take care of us. It is rare in America, to see women having to resort to the kind of work you see in this photo, though. These Ugandan women will spend all day in the hot sun, breaking apart rocks to make gravel for about 3 dollars a day. The road crews come and use the gravel on new roads (something I never gave a thought to before actually seeing this with my own eyes). Hand made gravel.
                                                      WE NEED YOUR HELP
Turn the Page Uganda is trying to make a difference in Northern Uganda, but supplying textbooks to needy schools, so that students can receive a proper education. We hope that children will have a chance at a better career than rock breaking. Something that uses their talent and skills to provide for their own family and community. We have helped 70 schools so far, but there are many more schools waiting for their chance. Won't you consider a tax deductible donation so that opportunity can be extended to some of these waiting schools? Check out our PAYPAL link, or send a check to Turn the Page Uganda, 3723 Dixon Street Santa Barbara, California 93105 USA. You CAN make a difference in the lives of so many needy children!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

 May we "Spur You to Action"

It's January, and time to start planning for a return visit to Uganda. I am looking at returning at the end of June, once our school year is over, and the Ugandan system is still in session. Maybe this year some people will join me to visit this amazing country. Turn the Page Uganda has now been able to help 66 schools all over northern Uganda. Each of the schools has selected $500.00 worth of brand new textbooks, not enough for every student to have one, but enough to change the teaching and reach more students with the information needed for them to succeed. We have so many more schools on our wait list, just hoping we will finally get to their turn. Won't you help us in one of the following ways? 

1. Use Amazon Smile whenever you order on-line. This way a portion of your normal purchases will be diverted to TTPU at no extra cost:-)

2. Spread our message to your friends. Send out a link to our page.
3. Consider making a donation. We take personal checks, and donations on-line.

Here is a quote I came across from Melinda Gates that seemed to capture the essence of why we do what we do:

The world is full of what seem like intractable problems.
Often we let that paralyze us.
Instead, let it spur you to action.
There are some people in the world that we can't help, but there are so many more that we can.
So when you see a mother and her child suffering in another part of the world, 
don't look away. 
Look right at them. 
Let them break your heart, 
then let your empathy and your talents help you make a difference. 
Whether you volunteer every week or just a few times a year, 
your time and unique skills are invaluable.