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Turn the Page Uganda Board of Directors

Victoria Harbison (President) is a fifth grade teacher at Montecito Union School in Santa Barbara, CA. She has traveled in Uganda, visiting schools and meeting with students and teachers. She has worked to get books into over eighty schools in Northern Uganda and the wish list continues to grow! She was past President of and continues to serve on MERRAG, an emergency preparedness organization in Montecito.

Jon Lee is a UCSB grad who has pursued his love of volleyball and writing for a lifetime. A 25 year English teacher and coach of boys and girls teams at San Marcos High School, he has also been an All-American and AAA player, a globetrotting magazine editor and journalist, an ESPN broadcaster, a director of Summer volleyball clinics at East Beach, and a 35 year husband/father. He spends free time traveling, building volleyball courts in exotic locations and writing about it all.

David Goss is the pastor of Light and Life Church (a Free Methodist Church) serving Isla Vista, California. David is part of a team that assists low income families with positive life skills and activities including resume planning, exercise classes and book clubs. His church provides weekly meals for the homeless.He was a scholarship athlete and two time First Team All American at Stanford University.

Bill Cirone (Honorary) is the County Superintendent of Schools, has a long track record of leadership in education, business, and civic affairs. He has been a teacher and administrator and has also worked as an executive in the private sector. Bill serves on the board of the the Hazelden Foundation, the Santa Barbara Coalition of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, and is co-chair of the SB Fighting Back Task Force. He is also on the board of the National Center for learning and Citizenship, the National Teachers Network, First Five Commission of Santa Barbara County, Elings Park, and KDB Santa Barbara Classical Radio.

Hal Conklin (Honorary) served as the Executive Director of Local Public Affairs for the Southern California Edison Company. He served as Mayor and a member of Santa Barbara City Council for 18 years and was Co-Director of the Community Environmental Council for 10 years. He is currently President of the California Center for Civic Renewal, an educational foundation and he is the Chairman of the Institute for Local Government, a non-profit research group. He is currently on the Boards of the Environmental Media Association Corporate Advisory Board, Hillside House, and the Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts. Hal also serves on the board of the Eden Reforestation Project in Ethiopia, Madagascar, & Haiti. 

*All Board members are volunteers

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