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David Goss is the pastor of Life and Light Church (a Free Methodist Church) serving Isla Vista, California. David is part of a team that assists low income families with positive life skills and activities including resume planning, exercise classes and book clubs. His church provides weekly meals for the homeless. He was a scholarship athlete and two time First Team All American at Stanford University.

Victoria Harbison (President) is a Westmont College graduate and a retired teacher from Montecito Union School in Santa Barbara, CA. She and her husband met in a program to vaccinate children in Central and South America. They raised three children and then she traveled in Uganda on multiple occasions, visiting schools and meeting with students and teachers. She has worked alongside the Board of Directors to get books into 150 schools in Northern Uganda and the wishlist continues to grow! She was past President of and served on M.E.R.R.A.G., an emergency preparedness organization in Montecito for about 25 years.

Jon Lee is a UCSB grad who has pursued his love of volleyball and writing for a lifetime. A 25 year English teacher and coach of boys and girls teams at San Marcos High School, he has also been an All-American and AAA player, a globetrotting magazine editor and journalist, an ESPN broadcaster, a director of Summer volleyball clinics at East Beach, and a 40 year husband/father. He spends free time traveling, building volleyball courts in exotic locations and writing about it all.

Brenda Nance is currently the Principal Editor for the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies at UCSB, managing the institutes website, writing news articles and editing scientific reports for researchers from MIT, Caltech and UCSB. Her background in business management, program development event planning/production, visual design, marketing and creative design are indicative of her desire for working at the nexus of business development and creative expression. Growing up in Santa Barbara and feeling fortunate, Brenda has always found ways to give back to the local community as well as those less fortunate around the globe.

*All Board members are volunteers.

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