People in the Mist...

We held a fundraiser on October 20th at the home of Dr. Fred and Sarah Kass in Mission Canyon. A nice size group of people gathered to enjoy wine donated by Dr. George Primbs and delicious food prepared by chef Harold Welch of World Cuisine. Many items from Uganda were available for purchase with all proceeds benefitting Turn the Page Uganda in the hopes of earning enough funds to support more schools. A Powerpoint presentation was given as a light mist fell down, creating a very intimate setting. We discussed the culture of Uganda, the systems that are in place to help the Country and identifed some of the daily struggles that are faced by the families who work diligently to provide for their children. By the close of the evening we had earned enough money to support another four schools! If only I would remember to put someone else in charge of taking photographs for our events, I would have more photos to share with you... I get so busy that I only take a few and then I forget to take any other shots later on. So, I'll need to improve on that for the future!


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