Freedom Sunday

Today was dedicated as Freedom Sunday in our church and some startling statistics were shared in the message. It is mind boggling to think that there are more slaves in the world today than in any other time in history. Their monetary value has decreased from the 1850's to a mere $90.00 today. Many times it is hidden in the form on bonded labor- payment to repay a debt that is so large it is basically impossible to ever repay. Trafficking is one of the fastest growing growing crime enterprises.

                Students at Abako School checking out their new books.
                    Aloi School presenting their new textbooks.
Amononeno School receiving their new books. 

Access to a quality education helps people to rise out of poverty and realize that they should not sell their children. Access to quality education provides families with skills for employment so they can provide for their families basic needs. Learning basic reading and math skills help students to be able to function in society and make intelligent choices, rather than be dominated and manipulated by someone trying to harm them. Turn the Page Uganda has just delivered books to another 4 schools in Northern Uganda and is now working with the next 6 schools on our list to provide current new books to schools that have very few resources. Giving these students and teachers a chance to benefit from having modern curriculum, chosen by the teachers, will allow these children to flourish and become the leaders of the future for their communities. Let's put an end to slavery and help bring a brighter future to the children in Uganda and everywhere, today.


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