Starting School...

School in the U.S. starts this week and teachers have been busy getting rooms ready, bulletin boards up, desks filled with books, pencils sharpened, and countless other tasks so that students will feel comfortable when they arrive. Students are busy shopping for new cool clothes, getting haircuts, trying to remember to go to bed on time so they can wake up a little earlier, and parents are counting the days until they will finally taste a little bit of freedom during the daytime!
This got me to thinking about life in the Ugandan classroom. There isn't much to prepare in the classroom, as there isn't much that schools own. Teachers might need to sweep out the classrooms, and meet with colleagues to plan out what they are going to try to cover during the year all without textbooks. What a contrast from our world to theirs. We need to realize how very fortunate we have been to have had schools, books, and well equipped teachers  in our lives because of where we were raised as children. So if you are sending your child back to school, think of giving a donation to Turn the Page Uganda, in appreciation for the education you received, and to encourage others to receive that same advantage. 


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